CarbonX® non-flammable fabrics offer the best level of fire and heat protection in fire resistant clothing for the most extreme conditions. Based on patented blends of oxidized fibers, CarbonX is the only fabric able to withstand the direct flame of a blow torch without melting, igniting, or burning - even when exposed to the flame for up to 20 times longer than the leading competition. CarbonX non-flammable fabrics also retain this level of persistence and protection against molten metal and arc flash, leaving it as the only choice for professionals working in conditions where safety matters most. Our non-flammable fabrics can be found in flame resistant clothing for industrial, fire, motorsports and tactical industries, although its uses in safety are endless.

Fire is one of the most volatile, relentless and potentially devastating threats on earth. Fire can strike without warning and within seconds reach levels that are uncontrollable and deadly. Professionals faced with fire as a hazard require the best fire resistant clothing and gear available. When exposed to direct flame and temperatures of more than 2000°F, CarbonX is the only non-flammable fabric that retains strength and flexibility and maintains its persistent barrier of protection. Flame resistant clothing and gear with this level of performance buys crucial time for individuals around fire and direct flame hazards and can mean the difference between life and death.