Tips On Designing & Producing Crests

Embroidered crests have many uses and can be sewn onto virtually anything. While widely used for uniform identification in associations such as fire departments and Scouts Canada we have also produced them as gifts for wedding attendees. Your imagination is virtually the limit for their uses and design. The price of an embroidered crest is based on many things. There are too may variables to be able to produce a price list. If you know the size, backing, approximate stitch coverage, number of colours, when they are needed and how many you are looking for we can give you a quote. The information below will help you determine these details.

We can produce any size crest you are looking for. There is no extra cost for irregular shapes. The overall size of a crest is based on maximum length plus the maximum width divided in half. For example a crest 4” high by 2” wide would be 3” overall in size. On average a camp crest is about 3” overall.

All quotes include a wax paper backing unless otherwise specified. This is what would be on the back of the crest when you turn it over. There are other backings available at an additional cost depending on what you would like and how large the crest is. The possible backings are fleece, plastic, velcro and glue. If this is a uniform crest or it is cut to shape you may consider adding plastic backing for stability.

Stitch Coverage
This is the area of background fabric covered by the letters and design. The levels are <50%, <80%, 80-90% and 100% stitch.

Number of Colours
You can have up to 7 regular colors of thread in the design at no extra charge. The background fabric and border (in regular shaped crests) do not count as part of the 7 threads. Other threads colours available are neon, glow in the dark, UV and metallic (gold or silver). These threads are considered specialty and do cost slightly more depending on the amount of area covered.

Color Charts

Cloth Charts

These charts are for a rough estimate on colors, and are not guaranteed to match.

We require 20 working days from the final okay of the design. A RUSH order is available at a charge of 10% more for 3 week, 25% more for 2 weeks and 50% for 1 week. There is no absolute delivery guarantee on RUSH orders. Regular delivery shipping cost is $12.00 for under 500 pieces and $20.00 for over 500 pieces. This price is for orders with regular delivery within North America. RUSH shipping would be extra and is based on the weight of the package and delivery destination.

The minimum crest order is 50 pieces. You can order any number you require provided it is over 50 pieces. If you need 85 pieces that would be fine but keep in mind it may be cheaper to order 100 due to the price break.

Sending Art
We do not require you to send vector artwork. Any kind of direction that includes a small sketch will be fine. We realize that many people art not artistically inclined and don't want to attempt to draw their own crest. If you can just indicate where you would like things to layout as well as lettering with correct spelling, this would be sufficient. We work on PC, mainly in Corel Draw. We can accept any PC based file format.

Once we understand exactly what you are looking for, we will promptly give you a proper quote. We specialize in customized design, and are unsurpassed in our delivery time. We also have the ability to directly embroider or silk screen any design onto garments, towels, hats and much more! Contact us for catalogues of available clothing.