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Company Profile

The seeds of Zone West start back in 1993. At that time, the owner of Zone West was a volunteer with Scouts Canada that found it hard to get crests in the quality or quantities he needed. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, all crests were made on a loom and you could only buy “loom runs”.

This was the year West Coast Cresting came to life. Originally sharing an office with another company called Zone Tennis Strings, West Coast Cresting and the tennis string business shared 1 telephone land line. Answering the phone with both company names was a mouthful so they started just saying “Zone West”. Out of this abbreviation, the company name was born.

In 1997 Zone West purchased it’s own building for the very first time in Maple Ridge, BC. 20 years later, we own 15,000 sqft of office & warehouse space and still operate out of the same industrial park.

9 years later would see another big expansion for the company who was synonymous with Scouting and Guiding crests, the creation of Fahrenheit Uniforms.

Clients in the Emergency Services field who were already getting their shoulder crests from us grumbled about turnaround times from their current uniform suppliers. Stories of 6-8 month turnaround times for pants and shirts stoked the embers of knowing we could provide better. Ever the entrepreneur, the owner of Zone West saw the potential and wasted no time.

2006 started the creation & manufacturing of Fahrenheit Uniforms. The emergency services uniform branch of Zone West now outfits much of western Canada’s Firefighters in station wear. Always growing, Fahrenheit Uniforms can be seen worn all across Canada not only by Fire Departments but by security companies and paramedics as well.