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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Fahrenheit Uniforms garments black or navy?
Our garments are LAPD Navy which is often mistaken for black as it is so dark. We do refer to our garments as navy and not black.
I don’t see what I’m looking for in your catalogue. Do you have other options?
Yes, just let us know what you’re looking for and we can likely source it for you. We have a number of additional suppliers for golf shirts, jackets, shorts, casual wear etc.
Which uniform items come in a ladies cut?
Our uniform shirts, station/cargo/dress pants and tunic jackets all come in a ladies cut.
Do I need to make an appointment for a fitting?
We do prefer you make an appointment so we can make sure a Seamstress is available for you.
I have a fitting appointment. Should I bring anything?
Yes, please bring or wear the shoes you will be typically wearing if you are having pants hemmed. This will allow us to get an accurate inseam measurement.
What is the difference between push pin and screw backing?
Push pin has a sharp end that can be pushed through fabric before the protective end is placed. Screw backing is a blunt end post/nut setup that requires a hole or eyelet exist to receive the item as it can’t be forced through the fabric.